“Marketing for Your Future” with Carlos Naguit from Naguit Digital

On “Marketing for Your Future,” our host Jordan Ferrell speaks with experts in the marketing world about the future of marketing and how you can prepare for it. This week he speaks with Carlos Naguit from Naguit Digital.

Company: Naguit Digital

Interviewee: Carlos Naguit

What are some of the cool things you’re working on right now.

I am a media buyer located in the Philippines, but I work with clients mostly in the United States. I used to work with Australian clients as well. I’m an entrepreneur first. So I started my business at the age of 18. I ran ads for myself purely on Facebook. It did well and along the way I wanted to help other businesses as well. So early this year I became a media buyer and helped agencies.


Do you have any advice for people out there right now going forward and looking at 2020?

It’s important to look at current strategies and tactics and see what is and isn’t working. What I’ve noticed is that it’s not sustainable because on whatever works now it may not work next week. What I’ve learned is you have to focus on the right things. Media buying is just an accessory to scale the business basically. So for me you have to focus on creatives, like the offer you’re getting.


And how big of a role does Facebook actually play in this digital marketing world going forward?

Consumers they really hate getting advertisements right. But then as marketers, we don’t see it as a problem. I think Safari or Apple has been making the cookies optional for Facebook. So there’s no way for Facebook to track user activity in a way for the pixel activity then. Especially with media buying, it has to develop from one thing more into machine learning like automatic placements it’s from one thing like the campaign budget optimization where it automatically optimizes assets and distributes the budget to which adds said it thinks would perform better in a way.


What is the biggest change you see coming in marketing over the next five years.

I would say it’s focusing more on increasing the lifetime value of customers. Before it was more of a one-time purchase for each customer. Right now it’s very important to retain them in the future.

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