“Marketing for Your Future” with Robert Perry from Welling Media

On “Marketing for Your Future,” our host Jordan Ferrell speaks with experts in the marketing world about the future of marketing and how you can prepare for it. Today, he sits down with Robert Perry from Welling Media, a digital marketing agency that strives to make sure content remains king.

Company: Welling Media

Website Address: https://welling.media/

Interviewee: Robert Perry

Tell me a little bit about yourself what you’re doing and some of the stuff you may be working on right now.


Currently we’re based out of Franklin Tennessee. I focus primarily on social media marketing for a wide variety of clients. We’re not necessarily just in one niche. We do a lot of seven and eight figure e-commerce brands. The company itself primarily focuses on content development because we believe that content is king, especially in an AI driven world. We feel that content will be what gets in front of the customers because that’s what the algorithm will recognize.


Going forward what do you see some of the biggest changes in the digital marketing landscape looking towards 2020.


I think virtual reality marketing is going to be something that takes off, maybe a lot of people aren’t recognizing just yet. The example that I can think of is, imagine being like in a sports stadium and you’re sitting front row. The amount of advertising that goes on within that stadium is huge. Being able to do the exact same thing in a virtual reality world but being able to tailor the content towards that particular consumer is going to be huge.


That is very interesting. And how do you see Facebook and some of these other social media platforms contributing in that regard.


Facebook has invested a lot of money into virtual reality. I just saw a commercial the other day for a gaming platform for them. I think that Facebook is going to put a lot of money behind that development because I think they see a lot of money in the marketing value there. What you’re seeing them do is going to be a lot like Google with their algorithm.


What’s one of the biggest changes you see coming in the next five years as far as digital marketing is concerned and more so visual media buying.


Now we’re learning to or we have to learn to work with algorithms and allowing the machine to learn. I think that that is going to be huge over over the next five years is machine learning. It’s something that we feel very big on here at Welling. The idea that content is going to be what separates good digital marketing from bad digital marketing and there’s there’s going to be brands that have good products but don’t have the right content that aren’t going to do well. Like I said it used to be like shooting fish in a barrel to get a product in front of a lot of people. But now you’re having to really seek.

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