“Marketing for Your Future” with Nova Lorraine from Raine Magazine

Each week on “Marketing for Your Future,” our host Jordan Ferrell talks to experts in the media industry. Today, Jordan talks to Nova Lorraine from Raine Magazine. Launched in 2007, Raine Magazine is the brainchild of Nova Lorraine. Armed with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Nova decided to use authentic storytelling to inspire creatives to never give up on their dreams. For the past 12 years, Raine has focused on discovering tomorrow’s stars in fashion, culture, and technology. To learn more, https://rainemagazine.com/about.

Company: Raine Magazine

Website Address: www.rainemagazine.com

Interviewee’s Name: Nova Lorraine

Nova, can I ask you, what do you do?

What do I do? Now, that’s a loaded question. Most of my time is taken up running Raine Magazine. I founded it in 2007 so just about twelve years ago. And that was after about five years of being in the fashion industry and running my own fashion company alongside consulting with other founders and creatives.

That is a lot. You’re right that was kind of a loaded question. So tell me did you know you always wanted to be in publishing or how did that really how did the fashion and all of that carry over into where you are now?

Yeah. No, that’s a good question. No, I did not want to be in publishing I wasn’t anything that I aspired to do or an area that I thought I would be in. Many moons ago when I set off in the creative industries I started actually pursuing my doctorate in clinical psychology and that’s when I had the epiphany that I was going to help the world through my love for fashion and creativity. So that actually led me to study fashion design in New York and a few years after completing my design degree I launched Nova Lorraine. High-end couture women’s clothing company. And I did that about five years and I fell into consulting alongside running that company. And actually it was through my own personal journey as a creative and entrepreneur along with all our meetings so many incredibly talented individuals such as myself along the way that actually inspired me to go into media and launch Raine.

Clinical psychology. How have you been able to use that in marketing or how you been all?

Oh, absolutely I use it in almost everything. When I was doing designing especially, and absolutely takes a big part of what I do as it relates to branding and consulting and marketing and it’s understanding how the human mind works human behavior how we react. To imagery, to words, to colors, to shapes, the textures, the sounds. And turning that into stories that are memorable and impactful and then also under understanding who it is that we’re speaking to as an audience and what are the best channels to reach them. How are they using those channels to get information and getting it to them in the most effective way.

Ok, so all of that included in like you know the changing digital world and everything is kind of going by the wayside as far as print is concerned. How about the magazine business? Is it still profitable to be able to publish print magazines now?

You know it’s interesting that you mention print is going away. It did take a little dip especially independent publications in the early days of social media. But what’s interesting is that the more digital we get the more we cling on to the human aspect of ourselves and those experiences that we can actually touch and feel. And so print is actually here to stay. I think that the differences those individuals those companies that are in the print space have to deliver more of an experience. And you’ve seen that evolution over the years especially within print media. And additionally finding that niche audience that really is craving the information and the knowledge that you’re putting out there. And if you’re able to cultivate that community around your perspective or the information that you’re sharing then you’re absolutely going to succeed in the print space. So I do think the way we used to do print has changed. And but what’s exciting is there’s a lot of amazing incredible publications out there that are targeting really niche audiences and those that are in print are really delivering a memorable experience.

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