BluHorn University Program

Bluhorn University (2)

BluHorn University is a program developed to assist college and university professors in making the most out of their media buying and planning courses.

Traditionally, collegiate courses focusing on media buying and planning instruction lack the access to real-world software tools to help bring the entire process full circle.  BluHorn wants to bridge the gap between university and agency, allowing students to go out in to the workforce with legitimate experience and training.

We are building a panel of 12-15 professors who have created a syllabus focusing on media buying and planning with BluHorn included in their instruction materials.

BluHorn Provides:

  • Semester-long access to a BluHorn Basic level subscription (upgrade to rated account negotiable) named for the specific course
  • Admin access for up to two (2) instructors
  • Individual login usernames for all students (admin must provide first/last name and university based email address for each)
  • Training for admin/professors prior to course – video library access, online training course, 1-on-1 customer support sessions for Q&A
  • One (1) guest “virtual lecture” session during the course tenure to either provide group training/overview – or to provide a later-in-course Q&A session with students

University/Professor Provides:

  • Individual and student information for account registration
  • Creation of syllabus to include BluHorn that can be shared with BluHorn University as an example guideline for future university faculty
  • All students fill out a post-survey (link provided by BluHorn) reviewing their use of the software
  • Professor(s) provide a written and video review at close of course on BluHorn software

To apply, fill out the form below:

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