BluHorn Cares

BluHorn sympathizes with all media buyers and planners who have lost their jobs due to company layoffs caused by COVID-19. That’s why we have launched the BluHorn Cares initiative and are pledging over $250K in subscriptions to BluHorn’s software for media buyers or planners who have been adversely affected.

BluHorn is also actively attempting to find jobs for as many media buyers and planners as possible during this time. Furthermore, BluHorn CEO Mike White is putting up $10,000 to help offset some of the bills of single or stay-at-home parents or military spouses that are media buyers who have been affected by this crisis.

To learn how you can get six (6) months of our software FREE, please go to We are here to help.

Thank you and stay safe,

To apply, fill out the form below:

Offer valid to qualified applicants upon verification of employment. BluHorn Basic package for 6 months. Additional features and integrations can be added at the users expense. New BluHorn users only. Upon completion of 6 months free service, BluHorn Cares recipients will be charged the BluHorn Basic package rate, or may cancel for no additional costs or fees.
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