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253 Media

Media Buying and Planning

Salt Lake City , UT

About Us Organization Size: 6-10

At 253 Media, we focus on creating a synergistic blend between our client’s website, content, and paid ads. Our completely in-house team allows us to move quickly and efficiently to make our client’s marketing dollars stretch as far as possible. With every client we work with, we have one primary objective… sales. We believe that vanity metrics are cool, but really don’t matter too much for real businesses because vanity metrics don’t pay the bills!

One thing that really sets us apart is our camaraderie and culture. Each person on our team has the opportunity to work from home, or they can come into the office, and more often than not, we choose to be in the office. We have a lot of fun every day, which translates through to our work. Our client’s love us because we always go above and beyond and make sure that they are getting the most bang for their buck.

Salt Lake City , UT 84117

What is your favorite advertising campaign that you have created for a client?
Wyld Gear’s Hot Summer Sale

Why is it important for a business to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to having just an internal marketing director?
Not all businesses should hire an agency, but for those that should, it’s because their in-house team either doesn’t have the tools or skillset needed to grow.

When buying media, what percent of your advertising investment is spent on traditional media and how much of your advertising budget is spent on digital advertising?
We only spend on digital.

Which percent of a budget do you think should be invested in traditional media buying vs digital media buying?Depends on the client and their audience. We focus on digital, but some clients have great success with more traditional mediums.

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