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We love Challengers
Those businesses whose ambitions exceed their resources
Companies and people who, therefore, have to think different, act smarter and out hustle and out innovate the competition. Those who zig when everyone else zags
Enact’s sole purpose is to help these brands succeed by helping them discover, define, articulate and amplify their challenger strategy.
We call this the Lighthouse Identity Process
We’ve been using it to help Challengers win since 2010
Challenger Brand Thesis
Challenger brands ask questions. Of the world, of themselves and their teams. They challenge the status quo, our perceptions and expectations, the established conventions of a category. They push up against what is wrong in society, an industry or their company. They do this not just because it’s fun, although it is, but because they are restless, relentlessly ambitious, and their ambitions exceed their resources. For them, there is no other way.
Think Virgin America, Nike, Uber, Dyson or Tesla. Think Tom’s Shoes, IKEA, Charles Schwab or King of Shaves. Think brands that are centered on a big, powerful and enduring belief. A belief that they bring to life in everything they do. Is that your brand? Could it be? Should it be?

Carrollton , TX 75006

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