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Kerigan Marketing Associates, Inc.

Media Buying and Planning

Port St Joe , FL

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At Kerigan Marketing Associates (KMA), we’re a diverse group of professionals from big brand backgrounds that help businesses that are ready to grow to the next level. KMA has over 20 years of experience where we’ve developed specialties in healthcare, education, tourism, financial services marketing, and more for clients in Panama City, Florida and around the globe. KMA, founded in 2001, follows Christian principals and provides a full range of marketing services under one roof.

Port St Joe , FL 32456

How is your digital marketing agency different from other digital marketing agencies?
We do digital like it’s supposed to be done―in fact, Google has recognized KMA as a Certified Partner for over 5 years. And we provide Pay-Per-Click Search, Display, Email Marketing and more. Our digital campaigns deliver results, whether that is more patients, more students, or more buyers, and ultimately grows your ROI.


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