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We Help Small Business Owners Love Their Business AgainMany small business owners and consultants lose the passion they had when they started their business venture. Add to that the fact that 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems.This is due to 3 main reasons:Lack of a sales and/or marketing strategy Trying to scale too early No infrastructure in placeWe do this by helping business owners with what we call the 3 P’s: passion, predictability and profit. We start by determining what personal and business goals they want to reach.Next, we help people remember why they started their business in the first place and find the passion they have lost.When people are passionate about their business and the products and services they provide they are able to better serve their clients.This passion is an important aspect of creating a predictable marketing and sales funnel and accompanying workflows that attract qualified prospects who want what our clients offer and are willing to pay prices our clients deserve.Then we help our clients create a business model based on passion and predictability that will help them become more profitable and meet their personal and business goals. We also help them grow their business so that they can hire on a team of passionate and loyal people that will help business owners run their business instead of the business running our clients.

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