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Kailua , HI


About Us Organization Size: 16-20

Mighty K has been working with US and UK startups and SMBs since 2012. Founded in Boston, MA by digital sales veteran Chris Kim and developer extraordinaire Erin Griffith, a 2020 merger and reorg brings Saif Akhtar and his team into the Mighty K Network. Combined, we’ve worked directly with 150+ startups and SMBs over the years as service providers, co-founders, advisors, and investors. We love working with entrepreneurs!

Today, Mighty K provides product development, digital marketing, sales automation, and business advisory services across our network.

Mighty K Marketing and Strategy LLC is home to the Mighty K Network and the parent company of the following subsidiaries.

SMBs: www.smbstudios.co
Startups: www.startupstudios.co
Free Resources: www.smbfounders.com

Kailua , HI 96734

How is your digital marketing agency different from other digital marketing agencies?
We focus on comprehensive, detailed, actionable market research and development before providing any other services.


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