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A global marketing consultancy. For more than fifteen years, our belief has been that solving the complex challenges we face requires evidence-based thinking combined with design-focused creativity. It means we challenge our clients, and ourselves, to continuously evolve in thought and approach to develop innovative solutions that provides a competitive advantage to our clients.

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What is your favorite advertising campaign that you have created for a client?
We’re a consulting firm. We do not create campaigns.

Does your company utilize programmatic advertising services for your clients?
We evaluate programmatic advertising services.

How do you utilize programmatic advertising for your customers?
We evaluate it for our clients.

What is the future of programmatic advertising for your customers?
We’re a consulting firm. We evaluate programmatic operations.

Why is it important for a business to hire an outside ad agency as opposed to having just an internal marketing director?
We’re a consulting firm that diagnoses creative and media agencies and the economic nature of their client relationships.

When buying media, what percent of your advertising investment is spent on traditional media and how much of your advertising budget is spent on digital advertising?
We evaluate media mix for our clients.

Which percent of a budget do you think should be invested in traditional media buying vs digital media buying?

We’re a consulting firm. It depends.

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