BluHorn TV “Digital Champions” with Robert Knop from Assist You Today

Company: Assist You Today Consulting
Website Address:
Interviewee: Robert Knop
We help companies avoid becoming the next Sears by modernizing the way they approach marketing and sales.

What makes your company unique?:
We’ve actually done the work internally at large and small companies and now are out helping other companies from an external perspective.
How do you define success?:
Bottom-line short-term success and setting companies up for long-term growth and stability
Who inspires you and why?:
The visionaries. The ones that can see two steps down the line and have the guts to make the radical moves early and corner the market as that is what I aspire to be.

Mike White
Welcome back to digital champions on BluHorn TV. I’m Mike White and on digital champions we interview companies from around the country that focus on helping people in digital marketing social strategies. Joining us today all the way from Anaheim, California is Robert Knop with Assist You Today Consulting. Welcome to the program.

Robert Knop
Hey thanks for having me, appreciate it.

Mike White
So what is Assist You Today Consulting, what do you guys focus on?

Robert Knop
Yeah well our big focus is we help companies avoid becoming the next Sears and we do that by modernizing what they do from the sales and marketing perspective. So many companies are stuck in the 20th century where they’re just cold calling in blast e-mailing and they’re seeing less and less results every day. So we help them come in the 21st century by doing more mobile more social more digital make more data driven decision and really focus on their customers and create customer centric experiences.

Mike White
So with with your company how does social media gain clients?

Robert Knop
You know, a lot of what we do is from B2B space and there’s no better space, no better channel, I should say to use than LinkedIn from that perspective. What social media does is help develop a relationship, start to build some trust, and actually schedule appointments between companies. I know for myself personally I think about LinkedIn and I’m on there probably two three four hours a day. I still get maybe five to 10 messages in a day. It’s still a fantastic opportunity to utilize a channel that you’re not going to get a lot of noise and other from other people I should say.

Mike White
So talk about your process with your firm on sales enablement.

Robert Knop
What we teach a lot of people to do is to utilize tools like LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook depending on what your business is if you’re b to b b to c financial services technology. We really analyze what your company does and look at your objectives your target audience and figure out the best the best ways to go after that audience and then from there once you build that plan then we teach your sales force how to do that.

Mike White
Answer this question, in the next five years digital marketing will…

Robert Knop
Well I think it’s going to be drastically different. I think you know, using social media as an example again, I’ve already seen examples of what it’s going to look like five or 10 years from now where it’s mostly virtual reality instead of looking at your phone 24/7 scrolling through your phone and pressing like for example on Instagram post that seems like archaic now to be honest. Why would we spend our time doing that. But that’s what everyone does. People spend what two three hours a day globally on social media. That’s what most of it is engaging with other people. That’s kind of the future of interactions between peoples. We think about that. How drastically is what we need to do from a marketing perspective going to need to change to be effective in that environment and maybe a little bit more in the short term. I think video for example by the end of next year. Studies have shown that a large majority of Internet content is going to be video. So if you don’t have a video strategy today you’re already behind the game and then more mid-term.

Mike White
Thank you for joining us on BluHorn TV today. If you want to find out more about Robert’s company visit and we look forward to seeing next time on BluHorn TV.

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