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About BluHorn

Is the BluHorn software more suitable for a large, medium or small agency?

BluHorn is ideal for any agency—large or small—looking for professional-grade, user-friendly media buying software at a low cost. For agencies that need integrations into Nielsen and Comscore, we provide an easy to use interface to give you access to that data. There are many great software opportunities on the market such as strata, media ocean and smartplus.

What are the strengths of BluHorn?

The BluHorn interface is user-friendly and works well for all media types. It is easy to learn and use because it was developed by media buyers, for media buyers. The web-based format allows accessibility from anywhere an Internet connection is available. Both local and national users have had great success with BluHorn.


Is training available? If so, at our location, offsite, phone, etc.?

We are available via phone, and can supply live, screen-share demonstrations and web videos that address many of the FAQs. Each subscriber will receive up to an hour of FREE training as a part of their initial subscription. We are also available for continued help as you learn the software.

Is there a cost for additional training?

BluHorn provides one hour of software training at no charge upon subscription. We always suggest options to users to make the most of their training time, and find that some initial set up and video viewing make this amount of allocated time more than enough.

However, in the event that a user requires additional training or adds/replaces an employee, we offer additional training at a rate of $75/hour.


Does BluHorn provide access to audience data or does a user have to separately subscribe to Nielsen/Arbitron/Comscore?

BluHorn is integrated with Comscore and Nielsen data. Please contact us directly via email at for more information.

All users interested in accessing ratings must contact their ratings provider to discuss next steps and subscription requirements.

What is the process for ratings integration with Nielsen and Comscore?

BluHorn currently integrates with Nielsen and Comscore, as well as integration with Quickbooks online.

1) Licensee will contact Ratings Provider to secure a contract with an amendment to access data through our software.
2) Ratings provider will give BluHorn the appropriate documentation to include dates and approved markets.
3) BluHorn will activate ratings integration after integration fee has been processed and new or updated subscription created.


Is BluHorn compatible with an accounting system such as Quickbooks?

Yes, BluHorn is integrated with Quickbooks Online! You can create invoices from your worksheets with the click of a button at any time.


Does BluHorn provide exposure analysis (R/F, CPP, GRP, CPM)?

Yes, BluHorn provides reach and frequency calculators. CPP and GRP are calculated by the software, based upon your input for AQH ratings. All efficiencies can be custom-selected for your insertion orders and confirmed with the stations/medias.

Does BluHorn have invoice checking/reconciliation capabilities?

Yes!  Invoice Reconciliation is available in correlating subscription levels, or can be added on for an additional charge to any account.

Our Invoice Reconciliation portal allows users to upload electronic invoice files or manually input invoice log lines that will then be matched to the buy.  Log lines will populate with details on whether or not the delivered spots matched the order.  A post buy report is also available.

Does BluHorn have trafficking capabilities?

Yes.  BluHorn offers a traffic portal within our software for users at every subscription level.  Separate traffic orders can be sent to representatives from within the platform that can include creative files or even links to external drive sources.

Avail Input - Upload from stations or manual input?

Files (.scx, .sbx, .srx and .xml) can be uploaded to BluHorn as long as it follows the AAAA schema. Entire worksheets can also be copied, making it unnecessary to recreate for every buy.

Are any vendors preloaded on BluHorn?

BluHorn can preload a list of market vendors for a $750 fee per market and consists of contact information for media in the market.

Is BluHorn cloud-based or stored on a personal computer?

BluHorn software is a cloud-based system, which permits user-login access from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Can a BluHorn user add additional demographic information (median age, HHI) by network/station?

Vendors have space for notes in their setup; however, additional demographic information other than standard format (i.e., A 25-54) is not supported at this time. Multiple demographics are able to be shown on one sheet.

Is your software Excel compatible?

Yes; BluHorn is Excel compatible. Reports can be exported in CSV format.

Does BluHorn includes modules for all media (national cable, network radio, all DMAs, local radio & TV, oudoor, national, and local print, etc.)?

Yes; all modules have worksheets that will create insertion orders with digital capability.

Does BluHorn have any digital, paid search or social capabilities?

Yes; BluHorn offers a separate digital worksheet.

Does BluHorn have Post Logs/MG reconciliation capabilities?

Our Invoice Reconciliation and Post Buy portal allows users to match invoices against your worksheets.  Makegood reconciliation is in testing.  Reach out to us at and we’d love to have your input!

Does BluHorn have Direct Response Tracking?

This feature is not available at this time.

Does BluHorn provide multi-media reporting / performance analytics (plan vs. actual)?

BluHorn offers a basic reporting feature that provides summaries across multiple media platforms.

Does BluHorn have client or vendor database capabilities?

Clients and vendors are saved to the end-user’s account and can be easily accessed in database style. A variety of reports can also be pulled and formatted from the vendor database.

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