BluHorn® is a web-based media buying software program accessible from any device. It is designed to organize, schedule and report media buys, whether for broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, outdoor or print and digital media.

This software, which was created by media buyers for media buyers, was developed with the input of more than 50 small to midsize advertising, marketing and digital media firms throughout the United States.

100% Web Based Software

BluHorn is web-based software, which allows our users to access the software from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection. We are even optimized for mobile use. There is no hard drive space needed or server storage needed. Everything is completely cloud based and protected. With the ability to log in from any browser, clients can easily work at their desk, access buys while sitting in a client meeting, or take their work on the road remotely. This saves our clients time, and that saves them money!

Integration You Need

We offer a direct integration with your Nielsen and comScore ratings. If you subscribe to a data provider, we can integrate your ratings directly in to your BluHorn platform. Updating Ratings based on books of your choice within your subscription happens with a single click. Full ratings details and disclosure of all data is available for each individual line of the buy, making it easy for media buyers to see trends and breakouts by each segment of a demographic.
If you don’t need a ratings subscription, you don’t have to pay for it. Buyers can upload avails or proposals provided by representatives and are still able to see calculations on GRPs, Reach and Frequency – even Impact and CPM if the data is entered! Our affordable packages start as low $199/month.
Ratings aren’t the only integration with BluHorn. We offer the ability to link your account to Quickbooks Online for ease of billing and invoicing.

Custom Worksheets for All Media Types

At BluHorn, we make media planning a snap with customized worksheets for broadcast television, cable television, radio, outdoor, print, digital and services. With each media type there are fields that are relevant to that specific media. Selecting a daypart code in Radio, deadline in Print, or CPC in Digital is just ready and waiting for your information! Each worksheet type allows for customers to choose their view, hide columns, create previews and reports, and send orders all from within the same screen. Multiple vendors can be used within a single worksheet as long as they fall in the same market. Summaries provide breakouts by station, vendor, week, month and full date range.

No Long Term Contracts

BluHorn offers 14 Days Risk Free to all new users! Once you register, you will need to enter a credit card, but you will not be charged until your 14 days are complete. Trials allow users full feature access, and can even include a test of ratings integration if applicable. After your trial is complete, our plans will remain on a month-to-month subscription basis with no long term contract to sign. We understand that needs change, and we want you to be comfortable with your decision. We do offer annual purchasing for an additional cost savings for those that desire it.

Outstanding Customer Support

BluHorn is known for our customer service. We help you immediately upon registration with training and screen shares as needed. We offer a support ticketing system that is state of the art. We allow media planners to request help from any page on platform, and that request is submitted with a pinpointed GPS for the location of where you were in our software when you started to need help. The first available team member can research and respond quickly and efficiently! Our support is available 7 days a week.
We also offer demos and webinars, extensive videos on our website, and FAQs and manuals to help users every step of the way!

Updates in Real Time

Our system updates data in real time. As you enter spots in a worksheet, your efficiency calculations such as GRPs, Dollars, CPM, CPP, Reach and Frequency all update with every keystroke. There’s never a question as to where you stand with your buy.
Our traditional layout and grid layout options make it easy to navigate through your buy, adding spots and using shortcuts to make the process as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Orders Sent Direct from the System

With BluHorn, you can send your orders in the same place that you created them! With an easy few clicks in a worksheet, orders are emailed to representatives immediately and the date/time is tracked within the worksheet for ease of internal records.
We also offer the ability for users to create PDFs and send from their own personal accounts if that is a preference. Either way, our system will track your order creation dates and times!

Ability to Import Avails and Proposals

Media buyers and media planners understand that time is money. A worksheet can be populated quickly from a station avail or proposal with just a few clicks. BluHorn can accept .xml, .scx, .sbx and .srx files – and the system will guide the user to map the information if needed to certain stations. Once the lines are imported, easy drag and drop technology allows for making batch changes within the worksheet a snap.

Manage Traffic

BluHorn offers users the ability to send not only traffic instructions, but also full creative files to all vendor representatives. Our system will support a creative library (with storage limits, and additional storage available for purchase) or send links to user creative files. All traffic can be customized to each vendor and sent in a professional format.
  • Insertion Orders/Worksheets by Media Type
  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Outdoor
  • Campaign Creation – Click Here to View Video
  • Vendor Database
  • Client Database
  • Customized Reporting (export to PDF, XLS)
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Easy Set-up

Reliable Support

Accessible From Anywhere