Less fluff, more stuff.

Because paying for a bunch of features you don't need or use is silly.


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Digital Insights

Integration of your data from Google Analytics and Facebook Direct with your digital worksheets.

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Integration to search and monitor broadcast media in all 210 US DMAs and international markets.

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Facebook Integration

Our digital worksheets integrate directly with Facebook Ads. Graph & compare your spend vs. Google Analytics traffic data.

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Google Ads Integration

Our digital worksheets integrate directly with Google Ads. Graph & compare your spend vs. Google Analytics traffic data quickly and easily!

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Quickbooks Integration

Sync your invoices to Quickbooks Online or Desktop to save time and streamline your accounting workflow.

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Media Buying DFY

Use BluHorn certified buyers and planners throughout the United States to increase your bandwidth and expand your revenue

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Wholesale products & services available to sell to your client base

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Specialized Worksheets

Dedicated styles for broadcast, cable, radio, outdoor, print, digital, and services

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Nielsen Integration

Convenient access to your Nielsen ratings subscription

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Comscore Integration

Convenient access to your Comscore ratings subscription

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Import Tool

Quickly import full avails or proposals into worksheets and save time

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Invoice Reconciliation

Upload digital invoices or manually input lines to match against your worksheets

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Traffic Management

Send traffic instructions directly from the platform, which can include creative and/or links

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Update books during Invoice Reconciliation process to quickly compare estimated versus actual ratings

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Home base with quick links to top ten recently accessed campaigns & worksheets

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Create an overall “umbrella” in a custom timeframe that includes unlimited worksheets

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Client Database

Store client information and access a dedicated campaign list and dynamic calendar

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Vendor Database

Custom markets and unlimited representatives for both unrated and rated vendors

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CRM Tool

Track valuable contact information for current and future lead generation

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Rated users can generate Rankers for radio and television and export with ease

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Inventory Search

Search rated inventory or prior worksheets for specific inventory and/or avail lines

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Team Settings

Restrict users or user teams within your agency to specific clients

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Agency Dynamic Calendar

Active campaigns are color-coded on our dashboard calendar for quick access

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Data Filters

Narrow your worksheet down to specific dayparts, vendors, or even lines with spots

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Custom Feature Requests

Submit requests to our development team to help design your dream software

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Customized reporting at the worksheet, campaign, vendor or client level, and so much more!


Get funding for your ad spends and clients in order to expand your business revenue.

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Don’t see the integration you need?

The list above is just a sample of the integrations we offer.  Our development team works with our customers to provide what you need to make your media buying experience the best yet, through BluHorn.

Wes Benwick | BluHorn

“We are still finding features and integrations that we didn’t know about that are making our media buyers’ and planners’ jobs easier!” -Wes Benwick | Technology Architect

We integrate with…

Sync your invoices to Quickbooks Online or Desktop to save time and streamline your accounting workflow.

Use our Comscore interface to receive program and schedule ratings data, including their advance and highly targeted demographics.

Integrate with Nielsen for automated ratings, shares, and demographic data for TV, Cable and Radio.

Google Ads 128x128

Our DIGITAL worksheets integrate directly with Google Ads. Import data hourly or daily, into our Digital Insights, where you can compare your spend stats vs. Google Analytics traffic data (yeah, we integrate with that too!)

Facebook 128x128 (1)

Our DIGITAL worksheets integrate directly with Facebook Ads. Import data from Facebook into our Digital Insights graph where you can compare your spend vs. Google Analytics traffic data (we integrate with that too!)

What people say…

Shayna Boyd BluHorn Testimonial

Shayna Boyd

The team at BluHorn really goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. The program allows us to keep up to date information for our clients and integrates with our analytics tools. The capabilities of the program exceed expectations, and they are always investing in updated features. I would recommend BluHorn to any agency looking for a more efficient media buying program.

Anthony Baden BluHorn Testimonial

Anthony Baden

BluHorn’s customer support is wildly impressive…and I’m not easily impressed. My marketing agency was in the market for new media buying software earlier this year and decided on BluHorn because it had the appropriate combination of price and features. As with learning any new software program, customer service and support is paramount to expediting the learning curve.

Brenda Bowman BluHorn Testimonial

Brenda Bowman

I chose BluHorn because it actually is a process that fits within what I’m used to seeing as far as planning media and buying media. It’s very dynamic.
The great thing about BluHorn is their customer service. I like the open source of the product. The customer/user experience is considered in the evolution of the product.

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