Comscore Integration

Convenient access to your Comscore ratings subscription

Access Your Comscore Data with Just a Few Clicks

BluHorn integrates directly with Comscore television ratings to make your planning and buying even more efficient! Users must have a subscription level that includes ratings access, as well as a contract directly with Comscore for data access.

We make it easy to access the information inside your BluHorn account. Comscore will send your orders directly to BluHorn, and books are loaded into your account within 24 hours of release. This allows you to access your purchased data without having to do any of the legwork!

BluHorn offers customized worksheets for our rated users. Comscore television worksheets allow users to set a projected date range, ratings date range, and playback type. Worksheets can be updated at any time, and full data transparency is available on a line by line basis.

In addition, BluHorn allows users to create rankers and perform inventory searches, both of which can be easily transferred into established worksheets.

BluHorn continues to work with our ratings providers to improve speed and data collection methods. We aim to provide our family of users the most consistent and reliable ratings update process.


Don’t see the integration you need?

The list above is just a sample of the integrations we offer.  Our development team works with our customers to provide what you need to make your media buying experience the best yet, through BluHorn.

What people say…

Shayna Boyd BluHorn Testimonial

Shayna Boyd

The team at BluHorn really goes above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of. The program allows us to keep up to date information for our clients and integrates with our analytics tools. The capabilities of the program exceed expectations, and they are always investing in updated features. I would recommend BluHorn to any agency looking for a more efficient media buying program.

Anthony Baden BluHorn Testimonial

Anthony Baden

BluHorn’s customer support is wildly impressive…and I’m not easily impressed. My marketing agency was in the market for new media buying software earlier this year and decided on BluHorn because it had the appropriate combination of price and features. As with learning any new software program, customer service and support is paramount to expediting the learning curve.

Brenda Bowman BluHorn Testimonial

Brenda Bowman

I chose BluHorn because it actually is a process that fits within what I’m used to seeing as far as planning media and buying media. It’s very dynamic.
The great thing about BluHorn is their customer service. I like the open source of the product. The customer/user experience is considered in the evolution of the product.

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