Getting Started


Are you new to BluHorn and wondering what you need to do to start placing orders? Well, you’ve landed in the right place.

Our New Client Onboarding process provides you with up to 5 hours of LIVE training – from setting up your initial information, to entering your first buy and more!  Learn more HERE.

Want to give it a go on your own?  Here’s a quick guide on how to get started. First, you need to set up your environment. That consists of setting up three things in our system: clients, vendors, and campaigns.


Clients are your customers (if you’re an agency) or just your company if you’re an in-house team. If you’re an in-house team at a company that has separate divisions, feel free to set up each division of the company as a separate client in our system. We give you the ability to customize BluHorn to meet your needs.

To create a client, all you need is the company name and a contact name. Feel free to go back at any time to enter additional details for each client.


Vendors are either rated or unrated. Rated vendors are linked to ratings from an active subscription to either Nielsen or Comscore. These vendor types are available to BluHorn’s Advanced, Pro, and Enterprise customers who have a separate subscription with Nielsen or Comscore. Unrated vendors are all other vendors in the system that are not linked to a Nielsen or Comscore subscription. You can manually input ratings for these vendors at any time!

To create a vendor, all you need is the vendor’s name. Once created, assign at least one contact and market to your vendor, and you’re ready to go. Feel free to go back and enter additional details for any vendor at any time.


A campaign is a group of worksheets for a given time period for a single client. Campaigns can be broken into quarters of the year or any other way you’d like to do it. It’s completely up to you.

To get started with a new campaign, all you need to do is create a campaign name, select a date range for the flight, and set up your agency commission (custom to that campaign). Feel free to add a job number (to sync the campaign with other workflow systems you have in place) or remarks that you’d like to appear on every worksheet in that campaign.

Now, you’re ready to create worksheets in your campaign. We have specialized worksheets with dedicated styles for broadcast, cable, radio, outdoor, print, digital, and services. For additional information on worksheets, please check out our video guides.


At BluHorn, our customers are our first priority. Have questions or need more help? Head to for more in-depth tutorials on how to do specific things inside of our system.

You can also contact, and a member of our customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Not a customer yet? Get started today by booking a quick demonstration of our software. Our team will walk you through the program and answer your questions. To learn more, please visit

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