In the final post of our “Getting to Know You” blog series, we are introducing you to our software architect, Wes Benwick.  Wes is the one responsible for the design and functionality of our amazing software.  BluHorn has been in the media buying game for eight years, but about four years ago our team took over the platform and redesigned it from the ground up.  Wes continues to keep BluHorn on the cutting edge of buyer and planner needs, and is always available to those looking for custom integrations and features.

What is your role at BluHorn?
As the software architect behind BluHorn, I’m responsible for the overall design and functionality of the platform.  Occasionally, I still sling code.
What did you do before you were with BluHorn?
Before there was a BluHorn, I created (with the help of some other great developers) a document management system named the Virtual File Cabinet which was built on technology we built from scratch, called FileLogix.
What’s your favorite part of working for BluHorn/in the software biz?
I genuinely love solving problems with technology.  Listening to what users want and then designing and developing a solution that saves them time, space, labor or money is my motivation every day.
What’s your favorite feature of BluHorn?
The worksheets, with their embedded formulas, real time calculations and sheer amount of data for analysis still amaze me every time I see in action.
What do you wish people knew about BluHorn?
I want everyone to know that the current version of BluHorn was built from the ground up by myself and a handful of other developers.  If our software was food, it would be gourmet.  I like to think of us as software chefs, cooking up personalized and customized code based on our customers preferences.  Our platform is truly unique, it has the potential to be anything we want it to be.
Where do you live/what BluHorn office are you located in?
I’m a native of Jacksonville, and primarily work out of that office, although much of my daily life is spent in the “cloud”, slicing and dicing up code, testing new features and spending countless hours every week on the phone with real users.
How long have you lived in Jacksonville?
Born and raised right here since 1977.
What do you like to do in your free time?
Free time?  Not really sure what that is.
Describe your BluHorn experience in one word.
This is the fourth and final installment of our blog series, which allows our users and potential users to get to know our leadership team.  Our company prides itself on our accessibility and customer service.  We spend countless hours communicating with our clients, and we realize it’s nice to put a “face with a name”.    These profiled leadership team members are the ones who are turning the wheels behind the scenes, ensuring that BluHorn continues to be the user-friendly and forward-thinking software that our customers have come to know and trust.
BluHorn is a 100% web-based media buying and media planning software.  Integrations are available with Nielsen, comScore and Quickbooks Online.  For a 14 day RISK FREE trial, visit us at