“Ignite Success” with Andrea Williams from Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

Andrea Williams
Director of Community Relations at Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp
Website Address: www.jaxshrimp.com

Tell us about the Jumbo Shrimp for those people who are not familiar.

Yes, Snowden, well first thank you so so much for having me on your platform. I’m so excited to be here and chat with you today. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp is a double A affiliate minor league baseball of the Miami Marlins. We are situated right in Florida’s First Coast in Jacksonville Florida where we play 70 home games and attempt to provide affordable family fun for the citizens of Jacksonville and North Beach Florida.

And I know you do that very well and you doing some very interesting things with social distancing and still having some wonderful events. You want to share some of those with us, what you’re doing there?

Yeah sure. Absolutely. We, as many of you may know, have suffered from the loss of a minor league baseball season. So whereas normally in July and August we would be having lots of baseball with hotdogs and popcorn and family time, we are without baseball at this point. So to kind of offset that and still invite people into the ballpark, we host socially distant events. We have worked with the city of Jacksonville to provide opportunities for people to still come out. Tonight, we have a second part of our scary movie series; we’re playing The Creature Of The Black Lagoon. And then tomorrow, we’re having a family movie night where we are showing Onward on our field, and we will be hosting that for families all across our region.

So for the future there’ll be other events, and do you do them every weekend?

We do them quite often. The best way to stay abreast of our events is to follow us on social media. Twitter is JaxShrimp.com and Facebook is Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp. And that is where you can stay up to date on all of our events. We have them sometimes throughout the week and then definitely on weekends.

In today’s world, where we want to make sure that there is racial justice and social justice and opportunities, talk to us a little bit about what’s happening in pro baseball.

Well as a country, we’ve certainly seen some interesting times specifically since the turn of the year. What you will find in baseball and really professional sports in general is an intentional effort to include minorities and women in front offices of sports teams. I think you will find that the demographics speak to the need of that. A lot of people assume that men are the only fans of sports and that’s just simply not true. We’re finding in demographic studies all over the country that there are a lot more women and a lot more minorities that are interested in sports just as any other company would adjust to have their front office represent the communities that they serve their demographics that they serve as well.

And I know you have a leader in the Jumbo Shrimp who is also quite extraordinary. Can you tell us about him?

Absolutely. We are so proud of our general manager and executive vice president Harold Craw. He is, I do like to brag on him quite a bit, the only African-American general manager in all of minor league baseball. We are so proud of him, to have him in Jacksonville under the Fast Forward Sports Group umbrella, under the leadership of our owner. And so he is a true gem. He is a minor league baseball professional, has been for close to 20 years. So brings a insurmountable amount of experience to our team and allows us to have a different kind of edge in our community, and for that, I certainly am grateful to have that type of leadership around me and have him representing our club the way that he does.


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