“Ignite Success” with Anna Henke from The Resident Writer

Anna Henke
Copywriter, Consult & Writing Coach at The Resident Writer
Website Address: https://theresidentwriter.com/

25 year motivational speaker and author Snowden McFall (www.firedupnow.com) welcomes outstanding first coast women leaders to this uplifting and interesting show, filled with practical advice and tips for women. Today, Snowden talks to Anna Henke from The Resident Writer.
Anna Henke is a copywriter, content strategy consultant, and author coach with more than nine years of experience helping women achieve their entrepreneurial marketing and business writing goals.
To learn more check out https://theresidentwriter.com/.

So tell us about Resident Writer and what you do specifically regarding women.

So I am a copywriter consultant and writing coach, and I work pretty much exclusively with female entrepreneurs to help them align their brand messaging, to really develop that brand messaging, and also to get the copywriting on your website and social media, get that all aligned and really so that it shines and really connects with their ideal client.

So what one of the things I was reading about that you share is you think that women need to pay more attention to balancing feminine and masculine energies. Can you speak a little bit more about that?

Absolutely. Especially in business, I feel like female entrepreneurs feel a pressure often to really emphasize, you know, have a really professional tone and to be really formal, to focus on systems and sales, and that’s kind of the traditional kind of masculine energy of business I feel like. Something that I think works really well is — I’m a connection-based copywriter, so I’m all about having those things in place but also having the creativity, the personality, those things together when you’re representing yourself on social media and your website. Make sure your voice is really you and it’s feminine and you define your own level of professionalism when it comes to your copywriting. I just think that in your marketing and your sales that balance, having those kind of concrete things and then also having the more creative things, is crucial.

When I’m training women to be better speakers, one of the things we always talk about is authenticity. And so women genuinely being themselves and being authentic and standing in their power as a woman, not trying to be a man but standing in their power as a woman, I think is very important. So that’s partly what you’re addressing, isn’t it?

Yes. When I do brand messaging consults, one of the things that I really talk to women about is, like you just said, to be authentic, to not be afraid to be you because your brand is a representation of you and your business. I mean, when clients read your Web site, when they read your social media, or they interact with you online, you need to have that really represent who you are otherwise when they meet you, there is gonna be a huge disconnect. And that really doesn’t speak well of your business. When you have all things cohesive, when you have them aligned, it’s a level of professionalism that is amazing and also, I mean, it’s fun. It’s you. And you’re being yourself, and I think that’s great.

So, you have a special Web consultation program that you do for people.

I do. So I wanted to talk about it a little bit and also to give a special offer to anybody who mentions Ignite Success in their contact information. So what I do for people, why my consulting services, is I’ll do a Web site copy audit where I look at what you have — because most people have something existing — and I look at your website and I really do a comprehensive audit. So I look at where you might need some editing, your sales page might need to hone in on some pain points so that someone looks at it and says, “Oh that’s me. That’s exactly how I feel. That’s what I need,” brand messaging guidelines, and really to get all those things together. And then I present the client with a packet that has all that information, and I also do a video consult with them so that we can build on it and really expand and brainstorm together of how they might make successful changes to either generate more leads or more qualified leads for their business or to just really get their online presentation, which is so important during COVID, up to par and just exceeding expectations so that it’s exactly what you want to do. So that’s my Web site copy audit. It’s usually $350, and I’m offering anyone who says Ignite Success, it’s just going to be $200 if you want to contact me via my Web site which is TheResidentWriter.com.

So once you do this audit for people, if they’re interested in having you fix their Web site, is that something you do as well?

Absolutely. So that’s the great thing about this. They’ll get the packet, they’ll see things that they can improve, things that they can change, and then if they like, they can hire me to go ahead make those changes so that it’s all done for you and you can get the information, but you can also get someone to perform those edits for you. Someone with, like me, who has nine years of experience. I do it all myself. It’s personal service. And really get the copywriting just crystal clear on your offers and your brand, and it’s a great service. I have found really good responses from it.


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