“Ignite Success” with Avril Jone from ME&C

Avril Jones
President at ME&C
Website Address: https://www.linkedin.com/in/avrilj/

So tell us about what ME&C does.

Thanks for asking, Snowden. ME&C is a branding and marketing company, and what we do is we work with people, brands, entities, products and we help them build a messaging around a brand from A to Z. So a lot of people think of branding as being exclusively just marketing but really there’s a lot more involved in it. And I get very involved with my clients to help them really build a lifestyle around whatever it is that they are trying to put out into the world whether it’s a message, product, or even perhaps a movie.

I know that you work with mindset and how women deal with success and failure, so can you comment about that?

I think mindset is really important as a matter of fact. For me, it’s mindset matters. You can do anything as long as you can wrap your brain around it. One of my favorite sayings is “how do you even elephant? One bite at a time.” So I very much coach, like you do, women on how to achieve that next level that they’re looking for.

And also you said that you help them pivot and this impacts their branding in terms of what their vision for the future is, right?

Absolutely. If you got into a car to go someplace, you’d have a road map. And if there was a detour, you’d use your G.P.S. to be able to go. Oftentimes, we’re so busy in our careers that we forget to actually take a step back and figure out where the next step is. So that’s what I help them with a lot especially at the executive level.

What do you see as the biggest single influences for the future?

Well doing interviews like this, I think, we’re going to see the landscape of film, television, and even communication changing. I think Zoom will become, obviously it’s now a household world, but I think more and more people will be using that. And I really do think that we’re going to be looking at soundbites instead of long communication. So I think, even taking meetings, I’m doing much more of that with Zoom and in a digital format. So I think digital and AI.

What advice do you have for women for the future?

Be unapologetic. I think the most important thing is follow your dreams. My hashtag is live your dream, and that is meant because oftentimes we have dreams and we don’t take the steps in order to make them happen. So if you can just focus on doing one thing per day towards that dream and be unapologetic about it. Don’t ask for permission.


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