“Ignite Success” with Beth Cooper from KNB Communications

Beth Cooper
Director of Marketing at KNB Communications
Website Address: www.knbcomm.com

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Media Buying and Planning, Social Media, SEO, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Video, Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click, Other

About KNB Communications:

Beth Cooper is the Director of Marketing for KNB Communications, a full-service PR and marketing firm specializing in health tech. She is a JD/MBA and has over 15 years of professional experience in her field.

What excites you the most about your industry? What concerns you?

What excites me the most about my industry is seeing companies take a stance on social issues. This is something new. It was rare in the past. Now it is being demanded. What concerns me is the continued lack of support for marketing initiatives. Each year, we are required to put forth more analytics and numbers to “prove” our value.

What is your greatest advice for women leaders in your field?

Do not conform to the standards of “professionalism” that were put into place by the system that pays us an unequal wage. Push the envelope to the extent you are able at each stage in your career. Find yourself mentors and seek out mentees.

What’s the biggest mistake you see women make in advertising, PR, and media?

Feeding into the target audience’s groupthink or playing to the lowest common denominator.

Which women leaders do you most admire? Why?:

Michelle Obama and Serena Williams. They are unapologetically strong, smart women who use their status to influence positive change in the world and also maintain a family!

How important is it for companies to take a stand on their platforms?

In the past, companies never wanted to be political. The safest bet would be to just not make any statements on any social issues. Then people started to realize millennials, and I think even to a greater extent Gen Z, really cares about the company taking some social responsibility. People when they purchase from a company now, they see that as supporting the company with their hard-earned dollars and that company becomes a little part of their identity. A company’s values have to align with their own or at least not be in contradiction to their own. These days, we actually are encouraging our clients to take stands, and I think one of the important things that we tell them is to make sure you know where you stand on issues before they blow up.


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