“Ignite Success” with Brianna Grantham from BJG Consulting

Brianna Grantham
Owner/Executive Consultant at BJG Consulting
Website Address: https://www.bjg-consulting.com

What services does your company provide?

Creative, Media Buying and Planning, Social Media, SEO, Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Other

About BJG Consulting:

Brianna J. Grantham, PhD is a published author and academic. She founded BJG Consulting LLC in 2008 to provide marketing and communications consulting to businesses who make a difference.

What excites you the most about your industry? What concerns you?

>I’m excited by the increased potential for marketing revolution as consumers and businesses alike move more of their daily activity to virtual spaces/the internet. I’m concerned by the trend of relying on cheap solutions, shooting from the marketing hip, and expecting immediate results, rather than long-term planning, and investment in quality marketing and creative.</span

What is your greatest advice for women leaders in your field?

Use your less-obvious experience to your advantage: listen and process, communicate clearly, and don’t fall into the trap of “this is how it’s always been done.”

What’s the biggest mistake you see women make in advertising, PR and media?

Trying to imitate the typical male executive presence or over-emphasizing “trendy” concepts, rather than cultivating an authentic presence and personal brand

Which women leaders do you most admire? Why?:

Jacinda Ardern is my absolute favorite public leader right now. She’s not only demonstrating cool, collected leadership (while raising her child), but she’s a great example of serving as a leader without taking on the ingrained expectations/patterns of male leadership. I’m also a little obsessed with Jameela Jamil and the incredible movement she’s started with “I Weigh.” Her refusal to soften or adjust her tone with regard to how society (and other celebrities) treat women and their bodies is refreshing–and effective. She built a brand without even meaning to.

Is there something special you want to promote?

Marketing Strategy Consulting services for businesses who want to be heard, do good, and need an outside eye

What is BJG Consulting?

We’re a full service marketing communications firm. I like to tell people that I’m a marketing therapist. We work with everyone from marketing directors and demos to small business owners to help them get their marketing strategy in place.

What do you think about the “marketing revolution” we are in right now?

We had been seeing this rise of the influencer; they are really controlling marketing particularly in the consumer space where you have Instagram and YouTube. They really were driving the marketing force. As companies have to tighten their belt now and consumers are spending a little bit less, those influencers have to either change the way that they approach getting deals and business or the businesses themselves have to look at marketing directly to their consumers again instead of working through an agency, which is what an influencer is. I’m starting to see more businesses really embrace the doctrine of who they are and their story. For a long time the mantra was to keep politics and keep social issues out of business. That’s just not what people want anymore.

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