“Ignite Success” with Lakita Gordon from The Other Side of Addiction

Lakita Gordon
The Other Side of Addiction

25 year motivational speaker and author Snowden McFall (www.firedupnow.com) welcomes outstanding first coast women leaders to this uplifting and interesting show, filled with practical advice and tips for women. Today, Snowden talks to Lakita Gordon from The Other Side of Addiction.

Tell us how long you’ve been with JSO and what it is that you do.

I’ve been with the JSO a total of almost eight and a half years. I’ve had the opportunity to be a community service officer and now a corrections officer.

And I know you do a lot of different things in Jacksonville in terms of your community involvement. Tell us what that might be.

I had a great opportunity to be able to volunteer for the police athletically for different sporting events, different recruiting events. I also had affiliation with Impact Church and basically doing a lot of mentoring to school age kids.

So you’ve written this book called The Other Side of Addiction, and tell us about that book.

The Other Side of Addiction is my life story. I have a twin sister and both of my parents were addicted to drugs, and so I endeavored to tell the story of how addiction affected me although I’ve never been an addict.

Talk to us about being on the other side of drug addicted parents. What’s that like for a child?

Of course. It’s very tough and traumatic to see the changes that my parents went through. We didn’t have any guidance growing up. I tell about different stories and events in my book where my twin sister and I were left in drug houses for weeks at a time. We didn’t know if our parents were dead or alive. And as a young child, I had the responsibility of taking care of my, although she’s my twin, taking care of my twin and a few other relatives while trying to grow up and be a child myself. So it was very tough.

And was there another adult that you could turn to? How did you get out of that?

Thankfully, we had my grandmother who played a vital role in our lives. She was very sickly throughout our childhood so we had that responsibility also to take care of her. She had a lot of issues with heart disease and high blood pressure, things of that nature. So we got some nursing experience under our belt as young kids too.

And I bet that your book has made a big difference to people so that they can have a greater understanding of it. Does it help prevent kids getting into drugs?

Yes, ma’am. I’ve gotten some great feedback over the years. I’ve been published since 2014, so I’ve gotten some great feedback. Some of the inmates in our facility have gotten a hold of it as well and it has changed some lives thankfully. So that was the whole point of me writing it.


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