“Ignite Success” with Shardae Luster from TEAM Inc

Shardae Luster
Founder & President at TEAM Inc
Website Address: www.teaminc904.com

25 year motivational speaker and author Snowden McFall (www.firedupnow.com) welcomes outstanding first coast women leaders to this uplifting and interesting show, filled with practical advice and tips for women. Today, Snowden talks to Shardae Luster from TEAM Inc.
To learn more check out www.teaminc904.com.

So I know you focus primarily on underprivileged women and I know that it’s been a particularly tough time for underprivileged women during COVID. And so can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been doing during that time?

Definitely. So during COVID, underprivileged women they’re going through rent, they can’t make rent, they need job skills, they lost their jobs. So what we try to do is we assist with helping them get their rent paid, try to go along with getting more job applications out there, and actually taking them to their interviews so that way they have transportation.

And so how many people are involved with TEAM Inc besides you?

Besides myself, we have four others on my board members. Tori Watson, she is our Treasurer. Taronda McQueen, she is our event coordinator. She is the director of that area. And my son, he is a youth. He’s actually our director secretary. So we’re a strong team and we’re slowly growing into more people coming in and joining our organization as we go along the years.

So what do you need in your organization? How can people support the efforts of TEAM Inc?

So people can support TEAM Inc by becoming a mentor. This is one of the easiest ways to empower women and youth. Just help them become a role model in a volunteership, right? We can’t work without people being volunteers so that’s a very big deal for us is people willing to come in and help out. So if you’re interested, if anybody is interested, please reach out to us. We’re more than willing to see what you have to offer.

And I know one of the women you admire most was governor of Guam, is that correct?

Yes, ma’am. So being from Guam, I most admire and look up to the first female governor of Guam. Her name is Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. As a woman she had the courage and ambition, in a male dominated political system, to run for governor. She left the island to pursue her education and came back and continued to give back to the community. So she is extraordinary. And just looking at her accolades, it makes me want to do more and just see what it is for women in leadership.


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