“Ignite Success” with Michelle Harthill from Harthill Marketing Services and Meeschell

Michelle Harthill
CEO/Founder at Harthill Marketing Services and Meeschell
Website Address:  www.harthillmarkietng.com and www.meeschell.com

25 year motivational speaker and author Snowden McFall (www.firedupnow.com) welcomes outstanding first coast women leaders to this uplifting and interesting show, filled with practical advice and tips for women. Today, Snowden talks to “Ignite Success” with Michelle Harthill from Harthill Marketing Services and Meeschell.
To learn more check out www.harthillmarkietng.com and www.meeschell.com.

So tell us a little bit about what Harthill Marketing does and also about Meeschell.

Well Harthill Marketing Services is a full service marketing and advertising agency. It’ll turn 21 years old in December. And I’ve worked primarily with a globally known CPG companies such as ConAgra Foods, PepsiCo, Johnson and Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft, Times, etc.. And within the last five years or so, I started working with more better for you emerging brands in the food and beverage and beauty categories which then led me to start Meeschell which launched June 1st of this year.

So what prompted you to start Meeschell?

In building brands for these better for you emerging products, I quickly noticed that most of them were primarily owned by women and the consumers had a very hard time finding them unless you were sourcing Instagram or the Internet. It was very hard to find these very unique, better for you brands that were just indeed that, very unique products that were not in market yet had no competition. So as I continued to do my due diligence on building those better for you brands, it kind of aligned with me coming up with the concept to have a full scope marketplace where I brought all of these better for you brands under all categories of beauty, body, pet, baby, food, beverage, et cetera to one marketplace which was the creation of Meeschell.

What do you mean when you say one marketplace? How are you utilizing that? What format?

So it’s a marketplace. It’s a retailer. It’s an online, e-commerce retailer where I am bringing in these women-owned brands as my partners to sell their products through Meeschell.com. So when you pop into Meeschell.com, you’ll see that we have several categories listed as beauty, body, pet, baby, clothing. All of the products on Meeschell.com have to be either natural, organic, or eco friendly. That’s one half of the criteria, and the other half is to be a women-owned brand. So for consumers who are looking for dog foods that are all-natural or beauty products that are organic and all-natural or food and beverages that are organic and all-natural as well as clothing, dog toys, baby toys, etc. that are eco friendly, we have the platform through Meeschell.com where we’re offering just those types of products similar to an Amazon or an Etsy but specific to just natural, organic, and eco friendly specific products.

So how do you promote Meeschell itself?

Meeschell has a very robust marketing campaign. We’ve done over 20,000 public relations media pitches to date. We’re trying to get very much into the gift guides for this holiday season since we know that online buying is going to be huge because of COVID. We have a feature in clean eating magazine in January, so I’m excited for my food and beverage brands to be a part of that. Of course, I do a very robust digital ad campaign through social media as well as just the consistency of engagement through social media. And I have influencers, around 50 ladies, who have started influencing for Meeschell as well as for select brands that are on the site to date. And we’re certainly a fast growth in-progress. I mean since June 1st, I can honestly tell you that we’ve had about 25,000 consumers to the site which is amazing. We’re trying to position Meeschell as a community, so when you go to Meeschell, you’ll see blogs about what is eco friendly cottons, what is that specifically, what does eating organic really mean. So aligned with this whole better for you arena that a lot of people still are not very educated on, we’re taking the opportunity through my podcast which is hosted through Meeschell, through blogs, through out influencers, and through all of our marketing means and that overall strategy to really educate people on that natural, organic, eco friendly, better for you type of purchases and what that really means for you and your family.

What do you think is the single most important thing that a woman entrepreneur needs to remember?

The most important thing that we need to remember, as women entrepreneurs, is to stay relevant and network, network, network. I feel the more people you have in your circle and the more people that we can collaborate with and brainstorm with, the more we grow. And it’s really all about growth.


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