“Ignite Success” with Rachel Braun Scherl from SPARK Solutions for Growth

Rachel Braun Scherl
Managing Partner, Co-Founder and Chief Vagipreneur at SPARK Solutions for Growth
Website Address: www.sparksolutionsforgrowth.com

What services does your company provide?

Marketing Strategy, Other

About SPARK Solutions for Growth:

Rachel Braun Scherl is a champion for women’s sexual reproductive health and a pioneer in the space. As Managing Partner and Co-Founder of SPARK Solutions for Growth, a strategic and marketing consultancy, Rachel has built an international client list that includes Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Pfizer, Bayer, and Church & Dwight, as well as venture-backed start-ups.
As a Vagipreneur®, Rachel drives growth with businesses from menstruation through menopause.

What excites you the most about your industry? What concerns you?

This industry attracts the best and the brightest, the most creative problem-solvers, disciplined decision-makers and focused, passion-driven entrepreneurs.

What is your greatest advice for women leaders in your field?

1) Know how to sell
2) Learn to negotiate
3) Network for business growth
4) Say what you mean and mean what you say
5) Be in it for the long haul

What’s the biggest mistake you see women make in advertising, PR and media?

Taking things too personally

Which women leaders do you most admire? Why?:

Oprah – she is a master and balancing content and context


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