“Ignite Success” with Stephanie Brinley from Flightless

Stephanie Brinley
Branding Specialist / Owner at Flightless
Website Address: https://Flightless.us

Tell us about Flightless, Stephanie.

Flightless is my company. I’m a designer. I focus on branding for small businesses, helping them reach out and connect with the community and be consistent with how they reach out so that people recognize them and know who they are and what to hire them.

Tell me your twist on logo design because I believe you have a fine arts background. Is that right?

Yes. My background is in fine arts with the emphasis on graphic design, but that means that when I approach a logo, I approach it as an art project but specifically from the design and art aspect. So there’s a lot of research that goes into creating a logo. It’s not just “oh you’re a lawn guy, let’s give you a lawn mower.” We’re looking at not just things like what do you do and who are your customers are but color theory and balance and how are you going to use the logo and taking all of that experience from my fine art background and 20 years of design and being able to really create a logo that’s going to have impact and resonate with customers as well as something that you can use for decades.

I know I have to say as good as some of those online services are in terms of providing some technological assistance and things like that, it just makes me cringe when people tell me that “Oh I spent two hundred dollars on Fiver to get a logo” and I’m like “oh you’re using clip art that everybody else has and it’s not unique.” Do you have any feedback about that?

Yeah I mean the risk with using places like Fiver and things is that clip art usually technically isn’t licensed for a logo anyway. So there’s always that risk involved. But again, you don’t know how many other people are using the exact same artwork that you’re using and when you go and work with a professional designer, you know that they’re coming up with something unique and individual and special just for your company.

What are your comments about how you could invest most wisely in marketing?

That’s one of the things I go through with my clients. Definitely having that good foundation of having a good look for your company, a nice brand that you can work with, and then maintaining consistency but also considering things like “what do you have right now, what do you need, who are you trying to reach out to?” It really depends a lot on the company and the customers because for some people spending a few dollars on Facebook might work great, but if that’s not where your audience is, that’s not going to be a good use of your money and you’re gonna need to think about all those different ways. So when I sit down with people, we really go through who are they trying to reach, how are they trying to reach them, what’s going to be the best way. So everybody has a different plan, but it’s really just having an idea ahead of time and knowing these are good ways to spend my money and these are not so good ways to spend my money.

And why the name Flightless? I just have to ask.

So the company name is Flightless but then the tag line is “go higher.” And then the logo, it all goes together, the logo is actually a flying penguin. And as we all know, penguins don’t fly. But with the tagline “go higher,” I work with small businesses and what I do is I help them achieve more than they think that they could ever do on their own.


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