“Inside Look” with Carl Lefever from Improve & Grow, LLC

Each week on Inside Look, our host Mike White talks to experts in the media buying industry. This week, Mike talks to Carl Lefever from Improve & Grow, LLC
To learn more check out https://improveandgrow.com/.

Company: Improve & Grow, LLC

Website Address: https://improveandgrow.com/

Interviewee: Carl Lefever

 What makes your company unique?: Our focus and demonstrated success with getting results for our clients. Our typical results are 30-50% revenue growth with a 3-5X ROI in the first year and then we improve upon that in subsequent years. We also differ in that we don’t start by offering our clients digital marketing services. We start by selling our clients the development of a digital marketing strategy, which then dictates if and how we continue work with them, as well as the scope and scale of our services and their budget.

How do you define success?: Increased revenue that can be traced directly back to the services we provide.

What is a tip for success that you would provide someone in your same industry?: Focus on figuring out what you do best (your unique solution) and who is the best fit for that (your ideal fit client) and then focus on beating the best for that audience.

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