“Inside Look” with Dwayne Caldwell from Strategic Marketing Partners Group

Each week on Inside Look, our host Mike White talks to experts in the media buying industry. This week, Mike talks to Dwayne Caldwell from Strategic Marketing Partners Group.

Strategic Marketing Partners Group, focuses on the “Why” of marketing and develops strategic plans based off our clients goals of delivering the best quality product or service to market, while always keeping a customer first approach.
To learn more check out www.smpartnersgroup.com.

Company: Strategic Marketing Partners Group

Website Address: www.smpartnersgroup.com

Interviewee: Dwayne Caldwell

What makes your company unique?: Our strategies are developed with our understanding of psychology and the “wants” of our clients and consumers with a special focus on diversity and Inclusion.

The Biggest change in marketing that I see coming in the next 5 years is?: The biggest change I see in the next 5 yrs of marketing would be consumers ability to dictate how they’ll be marketed too, with all the new and evolving mediums one discipline would not be enough to gain the ever lowering attention span of the consumer and an omni-channel approach with segmented niches and messaging created specifically catered to each group will be a must, and any business not adhering to a “customer choice” marketing approach with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion will not gain the trust or respect of the consumer.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your business?: I would say the biggest obstacle I had to overcome would be understanding the different aspects and efficacies of marketing and offering value to my clients that wasn’t just a dime a dozen strategy then duplicating that process and learning to tailor strategies based on common and shared goals.

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