“Inside Look” with Lauralie Levy from Crowd Siren

Each week on Inside Look, our host Wes Benwick talks to experts in the media buying industry. This week, Wes talks to Lauralie Levy from Crowd Siren. Crowd Siren is a social media marketing agency that helps brands create the best social media campaigns through dedicated social media managers. To learn more, visit https://www.crowdsiren.com.

We’re here because we needed to solve our own problem. As media buyers, we had used multiple media planning and buying software programs—and Excel, of course—but kept running into the same issues: expensive platforms with tons of features we didn’t need or use, slow and lackluster customer support, punishing contract and subscription terms, and more.

We scoured the planet for an option that was affordable without scrimping on features, provided the support we deserve at the speed we move (fast!), and didn’t insist on locking us into a long or unreasonable commitment. Alas, we couldn’t find what we were looking for. So we built it.

And since we also remember the frustration of having to submit contact information (or more) just to watch a demo, we make our demo readily available (and ransom-free). The same goes for our trial when you’re ready to test-drive BluHorn. We want you to experience the platform as it truly is, hence our 14-day free trial: all features on deck, no financial commitment.

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