“Inside Look” with Maya Raj Andreadis from Andreadis Advertising

Maya Raj Andreadis
CEO, Andreadis Advertising

On “Inside Look,” our host Mike White talks to experts in the media buying industry. This week, Mike talks to Maya Raj Andreadis, CEO of Andreadis Advertising.

What does it take to be a successful media buyer and planner?
First of all it takes perseverance. It takes being able to think on your feet and to adjust. A lot of times the client will
have last minute changes and you need to be able to go with the flow of those changes and then communicate that
effectively to the suppliers as well. You also want great relationships with all the suppliers in the market and
knowing getting them to work for you so that you can do the best for your client.

What is the difference between media planning and media buying?
Media planning is the top level of putting puzzle pieces together. They work with the clients to establish what the
assignment looks like; what media to use, what the budget is, what the timeframe may be, what the seasonality
may be and the media buyer takes that information and executes simplifications of outlets and fills in all the gaps
and reports back to the client.

How does someone become a successful media buyer?
You need to really be dedicated, be thorough in what you’re doing. You need to be goal oriented. You have to like
putting the pieces together and doing equations as far as what cost per points come out at, how many ratings you
can get in a particular market, you have to really like putting all these intricate pieces together and then presenting
it back to the client in a way that makes sense.

What different tools do you utilize to effectively plan, buy, traffic, analyze and report on media?
Typically in the past I used Smart plus, I’ve started to us BluHorn as well. That’s very effective and I found it has
more resources than any of the other mediums that I’ve used before. Basically they analyze Nielsen ratings, I also
use Partial Marketing and Scarborough to analyze the qualitative consumer and make sure that fits along with what
the client is trying to buy. Those are probably the two most important ones that I use.

What is the difference in the process of buying traditional media or digital media?
Traditional media is very relationship based. The better you know your supplier and the more you understand the
station or the outlet, the more effective the buy can be. Where digital is very technology based and everything is
sort of done on real time bits where it’s not as human oriented as traditional media has been in the past. You really
have to focus on your head with the technology and understanding that with traditional media.

Is there a different process of buying outdoor as opposed to TV and radio?
Each medium is just slightly different. With TV you may look at particular programs, with radio you may look at day
parts and with outdoor you may look at locations. Each one is different as far as what you’re looking at but overall
you're looking at impressions or cost points the same. I like to try to put everything on an even playing fireld so that
I can analyze which medium is the best to use.

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