“Inside Look” with Ronda Wilson

Ronda Wilson
Sr Media Buyer/Planner at Ronda Wilson
Website Address: www.linkedin.com/in/ronda-b-wilson

On “Inside Look,” our host Mike White talks to experts in the media buying industry. This week, Mike talks to senior media buyer and planner, Ronda Wilson.

What is media buying?
It is the process of analyzing and evaluating media vehicles to determine the best place and the best price to place
a marketing message that will best reach a target audience within a designated budget.

What is the difference between media planning and media buying?
The planning is really the strategy that goes into the marketing campaign. It’s more of the research, finding out who
the target market is and the vehicles that should be used. The buying is the working with the media outlets,
determining who’s the best one within that arena and has the best price and then placing it and then managing and
maintaining that schedule.

How does someone become a successful media buyer?
It’s a lot of constant learning; being a strategic thinker, being able to build relationships. It’s a whole ball of wax, you
are a little bit of a detective, you’re a little bit of a people person, you’re a little bit of a brainiac and those kind of all
meld together and make a media buyer.

Is there a difference of someone buying TV advertising as opposed to radio advertising or outdoor advertising?
It’s different mediums. TV is electronic, newspaper it’s print, now a little bit digital as well but it’s basically the same
principle just executed in different manners.

What are the top tools that you’ve utilized to plan, buy, traffic, analyze and report on media?
I used Strata for a long time then I moved to Media Ocean and now I’m a BluHorn user.

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