BluHorn TV Interview Checklist

  1. Our Livestream technology works best with the Chrome browser, using your laptop, tablet or computer with speakers and webcam. If you have a headset that would be even better, but it is not required
  2. When you receive the link before your scheduled time you will be put into a queue and our producer will be available to chat with you beforehand if needed- (please be sure any plugins that may block your camera/mic or any applications that may be using it, including screen sharing software are closed).
  3. The more light the better. We want you to look your best, any natural or artificial lighting available should be used to create as bright and friendly of an image as possible.
  4. Our BluHorn TV hosts want this to be a friendly and casual conversation, light hearted but informative. No hard questions or curveballs here, so don’t be nervous.
  5. Most webcams are mounted above the screen, our experience has shown you will look best if you try to look into the lens and not your screen while speaking. If you forget or find that distracting, no worries, you will still be seen and well heard on the show.
  6. At the beginning of the interview, our hosts will introduce you, and our director will choose by switching between side-by-side shots of you and the host, and full screen of your webcam as needed. You’ll be able to see this happening live, although there may be a brief delay of 2-3 seconds due to the nature of live streaming.
  7. Towards the end of the show, your host will thank you, offer the viewers more information about how to reach you or learn more about your business and will then do a quick sign off. We typically cut your mic right after the thank you, but just in case, we recommend you wait to say anything until the show is over.
  8. We try to get the podcasts uploaded the same day, will send you the link as soon as it’s ready, and you are welcome to share it wherever you’d like.
  9. Once you have everything from this checklist ready, at your scheduled appointment time, use the link below to enter the queue for your interview.

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