“Making a Difference” with Kristina Hernandez from KR1STNA Media

Each week on “Making a Difference” our host Chase Gunnell talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today, Chase talks to Kristina Hernandez from KR1STNA Media. KR1STNA Media is a consulting firm, located in the United States, serving local, national and international businesses. We offer strategy and professional services in areas such as media advertising, marketing and sales, research and development, and public relations. To learn more, visit http://www.kr1stna.com

What challenges are companies facing in the digital world?

A lot of the challenges people are facing these days are being able to connect with the right opportunities. There’s a lot of digital media being discussed, but there’s still a lot of traditional media and events that they need to be looking into to make sure that they’re advertising correctly and reaching the potential advertisers, the potential targeted audience that they are looking to reach.

Would you say the word of mouth is your number one tool right now or is there something else that you would use as a number one tool?

I definitely think that it’s a multi-marketing approach. You have to use word of mouth. You have to take advantage of you know all the opportunities in that digital world, including e-mail and Web site communication, being able to have that search engine marketing and optimization approach.

What kind of brands do you see that are able to utilize traditional marketing as opposed to digital marketing the most?

So, you see a lot of businesses in food and beverage restaurants like the locals are using the out of home traditional approach. Also, when it comes to tourism and travel, that’s also a very large industry.

So which markets do you see digital being the biggest impactor?

I mean, I think that’s for everyone. I think that digital is really an approach that every business needs to take advantage of. You don’t want to forget about creating that personal experience with other approaches as well.

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