“Making a Difference” with Christina Skirvin

Christina Skirvin
Freelance Senior Media Strategist/Planner/Buyer

What services do you provide?

Media Buying and Planning, Social Media, Marketing Strategy

About Christina Skirvin:

I’ve been in the media industry for over 10 years now. I’ve worked as a media buyer, first at an agency, and then spent the last five years, client-side, handling all of their paid advertising. Currently, I am a BluHorn freelancer. I was employed at A-dec, the world’s leading manufacturer of dental equipment for over five years, previous to becoming a freelancer, and I managed their entire advertising program in the U.S. and Canada.

How do you define success?

you are able to push away all societal pressures and identify what your true passions, loves, and goals are. Then work every day, in some capacity, on those individual passions, loves, goals. Then I believe you have achieved success.

What makes your services unique?

I bring to every role and project a wealth of experience and diversity in marketing and media. I’ve had the opportunity to work on both the client-side and agency-side, giving me a more complete understanding of the challenges and opportunities in each realm. When working with me, you will always get a professional who is organized, hard-working, transparent, and willing and able to tackle any kind of task to make sure the project is completed on time, on spec, and on budget.

Who in the industry inspires you and why?

At my first media job out of college, one of my co-workers (also a relatively recent grad) really went above and beyond to help get me acquainted with the company, with our clients, and to the basics of media buying. She was really instrumental in helping me at the company and just learning the ropes of media buying and culturing and cultivating those relationships with reps. I could just tell from the moment I met her that she loved what she did, and because of that, was such a good mentor. I learned so much from her, and her passion really helped fuel my passion. She’s still in the business and inspires me even to this day. I am proud to still call her a friend.

What nonprofit do you have a heart for and how do you support it?

Animal rescues and sanctuaries are near and dear to my heart. One of my favorites is the Best Friends Animal Society. They’re a national organization with branches all around the country, but their main sanctuary is located in Utah in a little town called Kanab. Besides being a member and providing monetary donations, I visited and volunteered at their main sanctuary several years ago. And it’s a really large sanctuary. They take care of all different kinds of animals. They’ve got a whole entire area that’s just dedicated to dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and they also have wild animals that they’re rehabilitating. I’ve spent time in each of those areas and did all kinds of things from cuddling little puppies and playing with them to cleaning out cages and doing the not so fun stuff. It was a life-changing experience, and I will be back again. I also participate, annually, in their Strut-Your-Mutt fundraiser, to raise awareness and funds for all their work to save animal lives.


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