“Marketing Buzz” with Ant Stroud from the Ant Stroud Group

Ant Stroud
Group Lead / Realtor at Ant Stroud Group
Website Address: antstroudgroup.com

Each week on “Marketing Buzz,” our hosts talk to marketing experts from around the country. Today, Steve Strum talked to Ant Stroud from the Ant Stroud Group.
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Tell us about what you’re doing in the military community to help them figure out what to do.

Well within the military community they have a couple of options; not just “Do I buy a home? Do I rent a home?” but also “Do I live on base?” because as we all know there are a base housing for military members and they have the option to live on base. However, some people are choosing not to live on base because they do want to get involved with the real estate investment side of things, have it start out being their first primary home, and if that’s the right fit for them. So we kind of go down the line of what their expectations are, what they’re looking for a home, and if that’s ultimately the right decision to purchase a home, rent a home, or live on base.

How does your experience in the military, what you went through as you reintegrated back to civilian life, how does that help them through your eyes of experience figure out what to do?

They know that they can pretty much throw any scenario out there that I would already understand. I would already be in that mindset of “We’re talking today about one situation but tomorrow it could be a completely different situation.” So my level of understanding, I can understand where some people may get frustrated with trying to go down one path but then it completely changed. So it would just be another day for me if it completely changed. And speaking on a national level, I get calls, I get messages, I get the Facebook messages about my brothers and sisters who are currently moving to a different state. I just got one yesterday. One of my brothers is moving to Maryland and he wants to know how the process works, kind of how I can help him be a part of that, not only because he’s going to a new state and knows nobody (he’s going to have to pick a realtor there,) but he knows I’m a realtor so how can I be a part of that transaction just to be a piece of solid foundation that he knows he can rely on.

Walk me through what would you do for that individual going, “You know, what do I do?” What’s the process that you walk them through?

So the first process is what are their expectations and where they’re at in their current life. Do they live on base, do they rent, or do they currently own their home? But because the situations have changed, they’ve either added to the family or potentially where in-laws have came into the pictures as well because, as you know, when military members do deploy, the spouses or those left behind may need some extra hands because they are currently working as well. So now do we have the in-laws in the picture? Once I get a solid foundation of what their expectations are, what their current livelihood is, then we can determine where they’re going to start looking and what they are looking for.


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