“Marketing Buzz” Kevin Kelly from Bigbuzz Marketing Group

Each week on Marketing Buzz, our host David Sillick talks to experts in marketing. Today, David talks to Kevin Kelly from Bigbuzz Marketing Group. Bigbuzz was founded as an interactive agency in 1996 by Kevin Kelly. Today, Bigbuzz is a rapidly growing full-service integrated advertising agency providing brands with a host of market-driving services. They have a team of highly skilled professionals who come from diverse backgrounds in marketing and technology. To learn more, visit https://www.bigbuzz.com.

Kevin tell us a little bit about BigBuzz Marketing Group and what inspired you to start the company and something special behind the name.

I came from the heart of music and the Internet was this new creative tech frontier. Ten years ago we evolved into a more full service agency. I got tired of being treated like a production company so we’d be handed a brief, if we had the assets they would say to go make something nice. I really wanted to be more accountable to increasing in the creative brief, accountable to the business. Now we’re really a full service integrated agency.

Do you work with an internal team or do you outsource resources.

We have a great in-house team of about 20 of us here. We do expand the contract. We have what we call the partner directory, which is a group of vendors and their party freelancers that help us expand a contract.

So is there a particular industry or geographic segment that you have excelled in or specialize in geographically.

We are a national company. We are headquartered in this city and we do have a satellite in South Florida doing more business down there as part of our company.

Share with us a recent success story that you’re most proud of.

Conversation design is something that we’re doing more and more. I liken it to back 20 years ago in the days of everyone had to have a Web site. Not everyone had a Web site. I think you know a few years from now everyone will have a chat bot either selling for them delivery customer service. Both of those things just embody their brand tone and voice. So recently one of our consumer electronic friends that we work with rolled out a sales and support chat bot and that’s that for us was very exciting.

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