“Marketing Buzz” with Nathan Kocher and John Showalter from Cox Media

Each week on Marketing Buzz our host David Sillick talks to experts in the marketing world. Today he sits down with Nathan Kocher and John Showalter from Cox Media.

You guys are both senior integrated marketing specialists. What’s that mean.

As marketing has evolved and kind of transitioned with a lot of the digital area, the keyword is disruption these days, everything’s just different than it was when probably all of us got in the industry. Under the Cox umbrella we’ve got TV, we’ve got different radio stations, and then we’ve got a broad umbrella of digital products. So we integrate those and really we would just work with clients to find out what their need is. And then we can build out a marketing plan around that based on what they want. being integrated helps us to stay consistent with the message keeping the message.

So you’re a health care vertical specialist. Tell me what that means and how that’s structured.

Sure. So in Cox health marketing, which is Cox Media Group, they specialize in Cox health marketing so whatever to do with marketing we go out we try to find that patient that is looking for a provider that’s looking for help and we connect them with who they’re looking for.

What are you seeing as the latest trends in terms of specialization and and hyper focus targeted marketing.

David if I had to pick just one, it would be video. There is a lot of content out there, whether it’s industry specific or just you know video content on social media platforms, people like to consume it. I think video is going to be really a big key item for most of the marketing that we’re talking about.

Another marketing trend too is you know before you know going way back like you were saying about the online and digital stuff at the time the new sexy thing is like all online advertising. Then it progresses to display targeting. We can pinpoint exactly your household income or a certain demographic or psycho demographic and target videos to send your way. And then it progressed to  mobile, we can track exactly where your location is and tell you like if a person goes to Capital Grille every Wednesday night we can specifically give you an ad knowing you’re going to Capital Grille on a Wednesday night.

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