“Marketing Buzz” with Chandler Grant from Best 4 Jax

Chandler Grant
Project Manager/ Agency Owner at Client Focused Media
Website Address: cfmedia.net

Each week on “Marketing Buzz,” our hosts talk to marketing experts from around the country. Today, Steve Strum talked to Chandler Grant from Best 4 Jax.
To learn more check out best4jax.com.

Tell us a little bit about what is Best 4 Jax?

Best 4 Jax is a Web site and TV show that I will be co-hosting with Wally Conway where we will be discussing and featuring the best home improvement businesses in the Jacksonville area.

How do people get on the show?

People will be getting on the show because either they were nominated or they nominated themselves and they will be able to do this by going to our Best4Jax.com web site where they can fill out a form and we will invite them onto the show for an interview to find out what they do for the community, what services they provide, and from there we will go through the process of putting them on the Web site.

So what are the criteria? Like how do people become the Best 4 Jax?

Right now, we were looking at, as I previously stated, community involvement. We’re also looking at Google reviews as far as how far they’ve accomplished new techniques and procedures or maybe new equipment that would make their process easier and more advanced than some of their competitors.

And then are you guys taking into consideration any of the stuff that they’re doing considering this pandemic environment that we’re in?

Definitely. We are hoping to get information from some of their employees to discuss how well their feelings, for lack of a better word, are being taken into consideration through the pandemic.


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