“Marketing Buzz” with Dan Santa Lucia, Media Buyer/Planner

Dan Santa Lucia
Media Buyer/Account Supervisor at Dan Santa Lucia
Website Address: www.linkedin.com/in/dansantalucia

Each week on “Marketing Buzz,” our hosts talk to marketing experts from around the country. Today, Steve Strum talked to Dan Santa Lucia.

What is the role of a media buyer?

Yes. So the role of the media buyer: basically you are planning and pursue media on behalf of your clients. So you’re talking with your clients on a daily basis or weekly basis, finding out what their needs, their goals, what they’re looking to accomplish, and then putting together a plan for them to accomplish that like target audience, if they have KPIs that they need to hit, doing polling research to find out what the best media mix is to reach that target audience, and then contacting the reps, being in constant communication with them, negotiating the best rates, and including some additional added value whether it’s promotions or additional spots to really hit those goals for your clients. And then at the end, purchasing that media on their behalf.

When you say KPIs, help us understand, are you able to actually track that stuff now?

It depends on the KPI. Obviously if you’re doing more direct response, it goes back to sales. If you’re doing more of a branding campaign, you can look at the lift on that company’s Google Analytics, seeing how much direct traffic is coming in there, adding a promo code, and actually seeing what the traffic is that’s being directed from that specific message from there, and then you can kind of showcase that to your client at the end. And being like, “OK, we spent this much in media, this is the types of media that brought in these results for you,” and this will also help us optimize on a weekly basis being like, “OK we were on these networks; they didn’t really produce as well so we’re going to switch this around to really utilize that advertising dollar more efficiently.”

So why would an advertiser engage a media buyer?

The big reason is that we’re the professionals in this field. It’s like you wouldn’t to hire a plumber to do electrical work on your house. They might get the job done but it won’t be as efficient or it might not be up to code. For this, we have great relationships with the media reps, we work on the behalf of the client purchasing the media for them, we also study up on the field because this landscape is ever changing and there’s multiple different vendors out there. Long are the days of “I need to be in the newspaper” or “I need to be on this channel.” Now you have OTT where it’s almost like the Wild West; there’s so many different providers out there to get your message across utilizing TV, radio, digital and putting the right mix together to efficiently utilize that advertising dollars to reach that client’s target audience for them to be successful.

Walk us through why the plan’s important before the execution.

Yeah it’s like you need to have a plan before doing anything. It’s like you wouldn’t to hire a contractor and tell them, “OK here’s a bunch of wood. Build me a house.” You have to put together a blueprint for that house. So the planning is essential. There’s a few mottos I live by but, you know, fail to prepare then be prepared to fail. So you need to prepare the plan that will fit inside the guidelines given to you by the client, especially budget, target demo, and geography. You want to put together the best plan possible to reach those objectives and your strategy before you execute the media plan for it. So it’s just a great way to kind of gain the confidence of your clients, putting in the research, pulling the research, pulling together the plan, presenting it to your client to show them “With this plan, you will be successful” versus like, “Oh I just kind of spread your advertising dollars across several different plans and we’ll see what works.” You don’t really want to do that. In this day and age, you need to be efficient with marketing budgets and advertising budgets and put together the best plan possible for your clients.


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