“Marketing Buzz” with Maya Raj Andreadis

Maya Raj Andreadis
CEO at Andreadis Advertising

Each week on “Marketing Buzz,” our hosts talk to marketing experts from around the country. Today, Steve Strum talked to Maya Raj Andreadis.

What is the role of a media buyer?

So the media buyer really works with the advertiser to execute the media plans that are in place. So whatever that landscape is that the media planner has sort of outlined, the media buyer works specifically with the outlets to put all the puzzle pieces into place.

And so why would an advertiser engage a media buyer?

So an advertiser would use media buyer because they are the experts in the field. They’ve done this hundreds of times with various different clients, large or small, across many different markets or universes, for example. So whether it’s a global media buy or just a local media buy, every platform is different. And it’s hard for somebody internally in an organization to understand all the different nuances that can be out there.

Why is it important for media planning to happen prior to the media buying?

Media planning is all about strategy. So you wouldn’t start a football game without knowing what every person’s role is. That’s kind of how media planning is. You need to know what the TV, what the radio, what the outdoor, how the digital all comes together and what you can expect from that, what you want your return on investment to look like, and how you can measure it at the end.

And so do you have any tips to go when you’re out there buying media that you can share?

I would say the number one thing is to have great relationships with your outlets, with all the stations, and different forms of media because that’s what’s going to take you a little bit further than just anything on paper. So the relationships are strong. And also just to be very thorough and know your numbers, know what you’re looking at, and understand it if you don’t know. Just to try to do the research and learn a little bit more.


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