“Marketing Champions” with Blake Akers from Webology

On “Marketing Champions,” our hosts speak with experts within the marketing community. This week, Chase Gunnell talked with Blake Akers from Webology, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Birmingham that provides internet marketing solutions to small and midsize brands with a heavy focus on local search.

Company: Webology

Website Address: https://webology.io/

Interviewee: Blake Akers

What is Webology?

Webology is a digital marketing agency that focuses heavily on search engine optimization and PPC. We are proud that we are the first in our state-certified in scientific SEO by Page Optimizer Pro, that’s something that makes us very unique.

What changes are you expecting to see in the world of marketing?

I think there’s there’s gonna be a big focus on understanding what works and what doesn’t versus in the past, with SEO in particular, we had a lot of guess work. Now it’s more to the point where we’re looking at a particular keyword or a particular industry and asking, “what does it take in this particular industry to rank really well?”

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