“Marketing Champions” with Bob Gold from Bob Gold & Associates

Bob Gold
Founder, CEO & President at Bob Gold & Associates
Website Address: www.bobgoldpr.com

What services does your company provide?

Public Relations

What makes your company unique?

Guaranteed Results, not promises

How do you define success?

We have client specific KPIs

What are your three favorite marketing software that you use and why?

Meltwater, CoverageBook, Quickbooks

What does your company slogan, guaranteed results not promises mean?

All businesses need to evolve. Traditionally, when you hire a public relations agency they say we’re going to work really hard. That’s just not copacetic in this day of clear ROIs and KPI ads. What we put in every contract is our scope of work and the guaranteed results, the minimum guaranteed results, you can expect for what you’re buying. Surprisingly, it’s pretty rare.

If you were to start all over what would be the two positions you would hire first and why?

That’s really important. I think the good news is, it’s been my own company. The bad news is, it’s been my own company. I’ve had no partners that could bring new expertise to share or divide into that. Something I did this year is I gave 5 percent of my business to two of my most senior employees, so they are now effective partners and they are taking 5 percent of the first dollar in, not 5 percent after profits. As a result, I’ve got two partners that I just made in-house.

What’s a tip you have for people going into PR/marketing?

First and foremost, what I like to tell everyone is all business is the business of relationships. If you’re not managing relationships, you’re not managing your business.


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