“Marketing Champions” with Brice Gump from Major Impact Media

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week, Tamara Taylor sits down with Brice Gump from Major Impact Media, a digital marketing agency and online education company that services businesses in many different industries.

Company: Major Impact Media

Website Address: https://majorimpactmedia.com

Interviewee: Brice Gump


What is Major Impact Media?

We are a direct response paid advertising agency. We help small businesses with Facebook and Google ads and we specifically focus on direct response advertising.

What makes your company unique?

We are a small team and we’re really focused on answering the question how can we make sure that we’re getting the most results for our clients? The clients we work with we managed a very high level. What we typically tend to do is come in, help people fix their tracking, make sure that they can really understand what the metrics of their business are and what those numbers mean. Then we put together really compelling creatives to help them advertise their products and optimize those over time with the data that’s coming back in from the campaigns.

What are the two most important positions you would hire if you were rebuild you agency?

I would start with a really good media buyer to make sure that we’re able to deliver on all the projects that we’re taking on so that we have the top services that we can deliver. I also would get a sales rep so that we can get out there and attract new clients.

What tips would you give to a new CEO?

Make sure you have the right messaging. Spend a lot of time and make sure you are using the right language and you’re speaking to your customer in the right way is super important. As long as you’re focused on that, I think the only other really important thing to work on is to only test things that are really going to move the needle.

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