“Marketing Champions” with Carrie Messinger from True Agile Marketing

On “Marketing Champions,” our hosts speak with experts within the marketing community. This week, Wes Benwick talked with Carrie Messinger from True Agile Marketing, a company founded on the belief that all businesses should have access to great marketing leadership.

Whether you are a startup or an established corporation, True Agile Marketing’s streamlined processes and solutions give business owners more transparency and flexibility. True Agile Marketing touts itself as an agency that is with you for the long-run, not to sell you quick projects that burn through your budget.

Company: True Agile Marketing

Website Address: trueagilemarketing.com

Interviewee: Carrie Messinger

What is True Agile Marketing?

I was head of marketing for an SAS enterprise software company for about three years. We went from a five million dollar company to about an 80 million dollar sale in about three years. So we were on a pretty rapid trajectory for growth. I had an advertising agency at the time and they just couldn’t keep up with us. I needed to be able to market while products were still in the development stages and not ready to go live yet. I had to stay ahead of that roadmap and our marketing agency just couldn’t keep pace with us. I realized that it was a problem not only with them but it was widespread.

When it comes to marketing stats what are some of the most important KPIs?

When it comes to marketing really it comes down to sales. I think marketers get so caught up in KPIs, they get way over their heads and what it comes down to at the end of the day is making sure that the marketing is working. Do you have an acquisition funnel in place that’s converting leads? Are you generating enough data and enough leads and enough sales to be successful? If you’re not and if the campaigns that you’re running aren’t generating sales then it’s time to adapt, change and adjust sales.

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