“Marketing Champions” with Chandler Grant from Client Focused Media

Chandler Grant
Project Manager at Client Focused Media
Website Address: cfmedia.net

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week Lee Goff sits down with Chandler Grant from Client Focused Media. Client Focused Media is a full service marketing/advertising firm in Jacksonville, Florida. To learn more, visit cfmedia.net.

I heard Mike White, the CEO of BluHorn, inform me that you are a young and up-coming dynamic agency
owner. Is that accurate?
That is correct. I’ve had my own marketing firm for three plus years now and I had my specialty services, and now
I’m looking to expand and now I am part of a full service marketing and advertising agency. So getting there.

Have you isolated a niche or a target audience as of yet?
Yes. Currently we are starting a new TV show called Best 4 Jax. And that’s actually also the URL so you can find
us online at Best4Jax.com. This company is going to be focused on home improvement businesses. So everything
home improvement in the Jacksonville Florida area, we are here for you. So we are going to be marketing those
businesses and we are going to be featuring the best businesses in Jacksonville.

How do you currently get your leads? Is it like friends, family referrals, or do you have any organic or
paid sources as of yet?
I did have my own Web site that has been put on hold because I’m moreso developing a plan for this medium now.
It started off with family and friends. Then, coincidentally, it turned into social media. An agency found me — not
Client Focused Media who I’m currently with but another agency — found me on Instagram, weirdly enough. That’s
how I started working with them. And so it’s kind of been that way. I have not, thankfully, had to do any paid.

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