“Marketing Champions” with Chirag Tasker from TrendScend Marketing

On “Marketing Champions,” our hosts speak to experts within the marketing community. This week, Chase Gunnell spoke with Chirag Tasker from TrendScend Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in the casino gaming and hospitality industry. They leverage insights, academics and specialty expertise to deliver real results. Their Managing Partners have nearly 20 years of executive marketing experience in the casino industry making TrendScend Marketing the premier casino consultancy.

Company: TrendScend Marketing
Website Address: www.trendscendmarketing.com
Interviewee: Chirag Tasker

What is TrendScend Marketing?

We are a marketing firm. I spent 10 years in the casino industry with a colleague. 5 or 6 years ago we founded TrendScend together and we found that we’ve been able to be pretty valuable, especially in the areas such as designing and launching loyalty marketing programs for companies to create value and to use the data from those programs to continue to extract more value from their customers.

If someone else were starting a company similar to yours right now, what advice would you give them to start from the ground up and be successful?

I think the single most important advice I would say to someone like that is to spend a lot of time developing, cultivating, nurturing deep relationships with people in the industry you’re in. Those are the people you’re going to be calling upon whether it’s advice or for business or for partnership opportunities.

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