“Marketing Champions” with Dave Newmark from PodSearch

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week, Tamara Taylor sits down with Dave Newmark from PodSearch.

Company: PodSearch

Website Address: www.podsearch.com

Interviewee: Dave Newmark

What is PodSearch?

We have a directory called Search.com that helps listeners find podcasts. We have an ad agency called PodSearch Ads and we help brands and organizations and companies find podcasts in which to advertise. The third division is a brand new one called StartAPod, and it helps people become podcasters.

Do you find that most of your clients are completely and totally brand new to podcasting altogether?

Yes! Most of the companies that come to PodSearch Ad in order to find the right podcast in which to advertise are pretty lost. They know that there is power in podcast advertising but they’re not sure which shows they should be in. That’s our specialty.

Finish this sentence for me, When it comes to marketing in five years…

Podcasting will be democratized. I believe that in five years just like we’ve seen Facebook and Twitter become the platforms on which people speak up and stand out in some way whether it’s social or political or in business, podcasting will have the same sort of democratization of the media.

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