“Marketing Champions” with Dena Vick from Traditions Media

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week Tamara Taylor sits down with Dena Vick from Traditions Media.

Traditions Media is a progressive public relations, media buying, media communications and social marketing team, laser-focused on power-branding and influencer marketing strategies.

Company: Traditions Media
Website Address: www.traditionsmedia.com
Interviewee: Dena Vick

What is Traditions Media?

We’re unique company. We were formed by writers, brand managers, marketing directors and communications directors that saw a need in other advertising agencies. Creative agencies are great, they make beautiful things but nobody was telling the story for the brand.

What advice would you give someone just now starting in the business?

Research and reading, find out what other people are doing in the industry, look at different agencies and look at their product. Find out companies that they work with and then see what’s out there and what is said about that brand. Another big thing is to find a mentor. I work with a couple of younger people, some are in college, I let them shadow me at trade shows and I give them some work to do for us and let them intern.

What would you advise a CEO to do to have the best success for their company?

Listen to your team. A lot of times CEOs kind of get trapped in their own little world. There’s so much going on within our industry right now. With all that information out there, in the end its important to really listen to your team. You’ve brought in a great team for a reason and listen to what they have to say and pick their brains.

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