“Marketing Champions” with Jack Paxton from Top Growth Marketing

On “Marketing Champions,” our host speaks with experts within the marketing community. This week Mike White sits down with Jack Paxton from Top Growth Marketing.

Company: Top Growth Marketing
Website Address: topgrowthmarketing.com
Interviewee: Jack Paxton

How did Top Growth get started?

I originally started with just working on accounts at a marketing agency. I had a lot of success with high spending clients and then moved over into freelance and then after freelance, I started hiring people. It was really through practicing and working my way up to having my own clients and also building out a team to manage our clients from all verticals.

What’s the biggest challenge that you face on day to day business with running your own company?

It’s definitely staying organized enough so that every team is focused on the right thing. It’s important to make sure there are processes in place to make sure that everybody’s goal is aligned and the team is working well together to get to those goals. I would say that’s the biggest challenge, keeping everybody on the same page, keeping everybody organized and making sure that the goals are both aligned with the client and team.

What’s the biggest change that you see happening in the next 12 months in advertising and digital marketing.

We’re seeing a lot of the browsers really push back against advertising. I think that the advertisers are going to have to adapt a little bit to how consumers are now using their devices. We can see that there is a lot of stuff coming through invoices. It’s not super common for people to be searching Google via voice just yet but I think in the next five years we’re going to see a lot more people using voice commanded devices. I think that’s going to play a big role in how advertisers advertise to consumers and also how you optimize your marketing strategies.

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